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High level but few lessons?

Some users have a high language level with only a few lessons. For example, level 10 (and lots of points of course) but only with 20 words learnt. How is that possible?

Following logic, if a user already knows the language and skips through lessons, the number of words should also go up with the points! But this is not the case?

October 9, 2013



Maybe their points were gained from immersion? Skipping the lessons and focusing on translations makes sense if you already know the language pretty well, but you're looking for some practice.


When practicing, you receive points and don't finish new lessons.


Why would someone stay at the beginning for so long?


Probably practising repeatedly until they feel comfortable with all the material.


Hell, it's internet. You can find all kind of weirdos over here. Maybe that is some testing account made by developers... Can you link it?


It's probably because they are using the immersion section more than the actual lessons. If you just briefly read through the already translated parts, and make the translations rapidly, you'll get a lot of points in no time. Or maybe people are actually putting a lot of effort into doing a good job on the immersion page, and just don't take the lessons.

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