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How will you write this in Ukrainian?

How do you write 'gh' from a foreign name e.g. Singh. Is it Сінґг? I read this spelling in a Ukrainian newspaper. But Russian uses a different spelling like Сингх (I hope I remember it, correct me if I'm wrong). Isn't х like a kh sound?

June 28, 2015



Judging by how the surname sounds Сінґг is indeed closer to the original. Сінґх is more common, and the most common one seems to be Сінгх.


Ґ-Gh,pronouncing firmly. For example "ґуґл,миґдаль,ґазда"


Ґг is rather unusual combination which probably would never be used in Ukrainian. I've seen Singh spelled all kinds of ways Сінгх, Сингх, Сінґх etc. Which one is correct or preferred is hard to say. Maybe someone else can give you more information on the subject.


Thanks, but 'х' is like 'kh', isn't it? Russian uses it because it has no alternative. But Ukrainian has ґ for g and г for h respectively. So х can also be used for h in Ukrainian like in Russian?


Essentially, yes. Ukrainian Х (and Russian, if I'm not mistaken) is usually transliterated as KH but in English this letter combination doesn't give you Х sound but more like К. One of our customers has a name Khan, for example. And the way people at work pronounce it (native US English Speakers) sounds closer to кан (Kaan) then to Хан (that's what I'm assuming it should be pronounced). There's also the fact that we're using English as a medium between two languages instead of working directly from the source.

Most Ukrainian people do use H in place of Х without realizing that in English H is actually closer to Ukrainian Г. I was the same way for a quite a few years :) If you have a sound sample of the pronunciation in the original language I could try and a approximate spelling for you in Ukrainian.

[deactivated user]

    As a Ukrainian, I can confirm that the trend of a larger generalisation of the use of г for h and ґ for g is taking place.


    Thank you all for replying. Actually in Punjabi(Indian) we have just one letter ਘ (gurmukhi letter GHA) for GH and ਖ (gurmukhi letter KHA) for KH. On Ukrainian Wikipedia Manmohan Singh is written as Манмоган Сінґх and in some Ukrainian newspapers I saw Сінґг spelling. If you search this spelling in Google, you will find lots of Ukrainian websites using this spelling. So, it's matter of personal choice, right?


    I think, Сінг is the most convenient approximation for Singh, since the Ukrainan "г" stands for the softer sound which is not just "g", but a bit closer to "gh" perhaps

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