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  5. "Чий бізнес?"

"Чий бізнес?"

Translation:Whose business?

June 28, 2015



Business as in a financial venture or business as in matters and affairs?


"financial venture" usually


Why "Whose school is it?" but "Whose business?"


I think "Whose business is it?" should also be a valid answer.


"whose business is" Гугл так перекладає


I like how I could just guess the word


Just wondering, what is the Ukrainian equivalent of "Mind your own business?" I'm pretty sure you'd use a different word than "бізнес", but I'm still curious.


Actually, business is справа in Ukrainian. But transliterated word and it's derivatives are really common in Ukrainian. There are now contexts where you can't substitute business for справа. For example, you can say власна справа (own business), but small business is малий бізнес. "Do business" - if "business" means "work relating to the production, buying, and selling of goods or services." you should say "займатись бізнесом", if it means another kind of work - "займатись справами"

So, "Mind your own business" is something like "займайся (займайтесь) своїми справами" or "не лізь (лізьте) у чужі справи"


May I say "Whom business?"


whom = кого, genitive of хто


Я так і не зрозумів можна так сказати чи ні.

Може тут нюанси подібні до "Кого ти бачив", але "Чия це ручка"?


Чий/чия = whose, це присвійний займенник (Чия це ручка, Чий це кіт)
кого = whom, родовий відмінок від "хто" (Кого ти бачив, Кого ти любиш)

Люди часом у розмовній мові використовують "кого" у значенні присвійного займенника (Кого це ручка?), але це й в українській звучить не надто грамотно, а в англійській такий фокус тим більш не пройде.

"Чий бізнес?" - запитання про належність бізнесу, отже слід використовувати присвійний займенник whose


I think, I got it. Thank you very much.


You wouldn't never say "Whom business?" Whom is only used when it is an object in the sentance. As in the direct of a verb, the noun being acted upon. It may be used as the object of a preposition, too, but I can't think of a good example. "Whose business?" maybe makes more sense.


Dang. Would never, not wouldn't never. There goes my credibility.


Can чиє be used, or does it have to be чий?


Чиє is used for neuter nouns while бізнес is the masculine one

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