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count of English words from another language

You can learn English from 4 other languages. From Po and IT i have learned only 16 English words. From SP 16 words and from French 816 words. DL gives only one level and one count of words for learning English from another language.

Probably the first language that was started learning English from, was SP, that's for me SP:16 words.

The count for the level in English goes on for the four languages you are learning from.

The knowledge of 816 words (FR>Eng) is not good for 64.5 % translation capability and for level 9.

DL counts the total points for the four languages (to English) for estimate the % and level.

The reason why i use the four languages for learning English, is that i'm not a native speaker of English and on this manner i learn also English.

Now that i have it told to you, i will it post also to DL.

When they have time they can fix it. But i think it has no high priority.

October 9, 2013


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