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"He wants to listen to the radio."

Translation:Han vil høre på radio.

June 28, 2015



why is "...radioen" not accepted as a correct answer?


It was for me. Maybe added since?


for me it's a "select the answer by clicking the words" type exercise, instead of typing out the answer by keyboard. Radioen is not an option.

But the sentence is "the radio" so why is it ok to leave off the -en ending?


Because "the radio" in the English sentence doesn't refer to a particular radio, but to the medium of radio. I guess the English itself is a bit weird, here.


When I touched "the radio" in the question part, I was given radioen as the correct answer. But since I just started this part, I only had a word bank to choose from. Radio was there, but not radioen, so it is confusing. I agree you were correct, and I will report it so it gets fixed. June '21


Any thoughts on "høre" vs "lytte"? Is one more active / attentive than the other?


I'd like to know as well :P


It turns out "lytter" is equivalent to "hører på", but "hører" on its own is more passive.


"lytte til" was accepted!

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