"Julio, aŭgusto, septembro, oktobro, novembro, decembro"

Translation:July, August, September, October, November, December

June 28, 2015

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    Not that I don't like the Esperanto names of the months of the year, but couldn't the problem where the months no longer apply to their numbers have been fixed? When those two months got added to the calendar, everything got mixed up. Couldn't this problem have been fixed like: septembro for july (7), oktobro for august (8), novembro for september (9), and decembro for october (10)?


    Here they've prefered the similarity with (almost) every language in which Esperanto is based rather than the logical meaning.


    Don't you think it would be easier for Schweiganians to learn Esperanto, if the months were changed so that the names were in alphabetical order?

    aprilo = Januaro
    aŭgusto = February
    decembro = March
    februaro = April
    januaro = May
    julio = June
    junio = July
    majo = August
    marto = September
    novembro = October
    oktobro = November
    septembro = December

    This has the added advantage that not only is oktobro November and novembro is oktobro, but June and July are switched as well. This is the "most Esperanto" solution.

    Or at the very least, we could get rid of all the nasty Latin bits like NOVEM, SEPTEM, and DECEM - and change it to okembro, naŭembro, and dekembro for the 10th, 11th, and 12th months respectively.

    This comment is, of course, parody and my only point is that I wanted to say that the "most Esperanto" solution would be to do it the way Esperanto does it -- which is to Esperantize the spelling of the international roots for the names of the months.


    that would probably make it more difficult to learn rather than easier


    so nice that the months are basically in English. Thank you, doctor Zamenhof!


    well, the English language is using the Latin names for months :D

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    They're also basically German, French, Italian, Russian, and so on and on.


    Matt Thomas - Do you live in Lakeville? If so, we're neighbors.


    Nope, far away from there. Why do you ask? I don't recall mentioning my location in this thread.


    I see zip codes everywhere. It's a hazard of working at the post office. I wondered what 14480 was.


    Ah I see. Just the random username I got/chose when I joined Duolingo 6 years ago.


    Well, if anybody ELSE lives in 14480, we're practically neighbors. :-)

    Thanks for your comment earlier. It got me thinking.

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