Remove a language

Hi, I'm following some language from my French speaking home, like English for French speakers and Spanish for French speakers

But I'm also following some other languages from the English speaker home, like Danish, German, Gaelic, Portuguese, and .. French !

I clicked on some language which I no longer want to follow and would like to remove it from my profile ... How do i do that ?

Thks, E.

June 28, 2015


The Duolingo Wiki has instructions with screenshots: scroll down to the section How do I reset or remove a course?.

June 28, 2015

sorry, I looked everywhere in the Duolingo wiki but could not find this, can you add a link? Thanks,

June 28, 2015

You might want to look again as I found it. Es el section #15

How do I reset or remove a course? Choose "Settings". Then, choose "Learning language". Click "Reset or remove languages". Finally, click "Save

June 28, 2015

well, that was easy! Missed it completely the first time and there is nothing on the wiki about it that I could find thanks.

June 29, 2015
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