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  5. "Which one is yours?"

"Which one is yours?"

Translation:Hangisi sizin?

June 28, 2015



what does the 'ki' signify on 'seninki'?


I would literally be "that which is yours." It is better to just memorize it as "yours." ki is one of the hardest things to master in Turkish. :)


Is it right if i said "Hangi senin?"


"Hangi" is an adjective and is used in connection with another noun (Hangi kitap) -- (which book)

"Hangisi" is a noun (or rather, acts as a pronoun). It replaces a phrase that begins with "hangi" and would mean "which one"


I thought the question part was always meant to be at the end of the sentence.


I don't understand the word order in this question either. Why is "senin hangisi?" not correct?


Not always, apparently. For example, "Neden üzgünsün?" is the correct translation of "Why are you sad?" according to Google Translate. Also consider "Kim tavuk yer?" ("Who eats chicken?") Regarding why "senin hangisi?" isn't correct, does AlexinNotTurkey's explanation that "hangisi" is a noun-like word shed any light? In my limited experience, questions using "hangi" generally have it at the beginning. Also, as language learners, I think it's sometimes best to accept constructs in our language of interest as we encounter them and trust that a deeper understanding of why they are the way they are may come later : )


Per cortesia, potreste indicarmi le regole generiche della costruzione di una frase interrogativa? GRAZIE MILLE.


Salve, la traduzione:"Hangisi onu senin"? Può essere considerata corretta? Grazie mille


Will "senin hangisi?" also means the same?

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