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Pronunciation of 'dyret'

Could someone please explain the pronunciation of 'dyret'? Because in the app, it sounds more like 'doo-da' than anything else, and I'm wondering whether it's me, or the app.


June 28, 2015



The voice in the app is probably a bit off. Easier to show than try to explain. I recorded the word here: http://vocaroo.com/i/s0im0SxIX6o5 The "d" got cut off the first time there, but you will hear it in the next two. I hope that helps! :)


Awesome, thank you!


I would pronounce it as 'deer-eh'. Sometimes the recording of the word cuts off letters for some reason, I few times i have heard 'den' pronounced '-n', with the first part completely missing.


Yeah, it's not the most accurate. Thank goodness for songs and movies in the language – they much more natural.


To be fair, in some cases it's natural to contract "den" to "n". For instance, I would say "Jeg har sett'n" for "Jeg har sett den". I think it happens especially when it follows a "t" or "d" sound, because the sounds are articulated in the same place in the mouth.


Possible but I think these were just mistakes as they where at the start of the sentence/phrase being used.

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