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Streak question

Is streak combined for all languages or each has one? If out of, say, 5 languages you do only 1 per day, will this maintain your streak?

October 9, 2013




Duolingo counts the total streak as the total days you practiced your languages in a row - never mind which ones.

Hover with the mouse on your total streak number on your Profile to see separate streaks for each of your languages.

Let's say you start one language on Day 1. You continue learning it for five days and the streak now counts 6.

Meanwhile, you start practicing a second language. Now you have this situation:

  • 1st language - Day 6
  • 2nd language - Day 1

Total streak is still 6 days in a row.

If you pause the first language and continue with the second, you have this situation:

  • 1st language - 0
  • 2nd language - Day 7

Total streak is 7 days in a row

It can also happen that you have, let's say, a total streak of 14 but separate languages showing you this:

  • 1st language - 3
  • 2nd language - 9
  • 3rd language - 0

because you paused the language streaking 14 but in the meantime started with other languages.


If out of, say, 5 languages you do only 1 per day, will this maintain your streak?

Yes. The streak will also be maintained if you do each of these languages in turn, like Spanish on Monday, French on Tuesday and so on. In the latter case, you will have zeros for most your languages, but your total streak will continue to grow!


olimo, I have a related question with regards to the Streak Freeze. Let's say I continue to practice my primary language daily, but then add a second language that I practice just a few days a week. When I skip a day with language 2 but do study the primary language, will my Streak Freeze be used to continue my streak on Language 2? Based on what you've said, I'm guessing that it would not be used as long as at least one language is practiced that day, but want to be sure before I decide to start another language.



I think the Streak Freeze just keeps the total streak, resetting the individual ones.


Sorry, I've never tried streak freeze and don't know exactly how it works and if it is activated automatically or manually. Without streak freeze, your language 2 streak will be lost every time you make a pause, but your total streak will continue because you study the primary language.

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