"Will you go to Odessa tomorrow?"

Translation:Ти будеш їхати у Одесу завтра?

6/28/2015, 5:11:23 AM



While above there is only one translation shown, DL requires two sentences checked for a correct solution. "Ви будете їхати в Одесу завтра?" and, as shown above, "Ти будеш їхати у Одесу завтра?."

They can not both be correct because of the use of в/у.

Or can they?

6/28/2015, 5:11:23 AM

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It's really not the best decision to use у between two vowels :)

6/28/2015, 5:48:56 AM


Thank you. That's life with Beta. :)

6/28/2015, 12:10:01 PM


They are both correct because of singular and plural. And using "у" is just their mistake. Not critical however.

1/9/2016, 4:02:06 PM


Why is this міцевий відмінок? Why not родовий? They are writing "to" in english, should it not be до Одеси?

3/1/2016, 7:11:46 PM
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