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"Will you go to Odessa tomorrow?"

Translation:Ти будеш їхати у Одесу завтра?

June 28, 2015



While above there is only one translation shown, DL requires two sentences checked for a correct solution. "Ви будете їхати в Одесу завтра?" and, as shown above, "Ти будеш їхати у Одесу завтра?."

They can not both be correct because of the use of в/у.

Or can they?


It's really not the best decision to use у between two vowels :)


Thank you. That's life with Beta. :)


They are both correct because of singular and plural. And using "у" is just their mistake. Not critical however.


Why is this міцевий відмінок? Why not родовий? They are writing "to" in english, should it not be до Одеси?

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