How do i view my quizzes? All I can see are the results but not the details of each test - ie questions and answers, where i went wrong etc. Thanks

June 28, 2015


Unfortunately, there is no way you can view what you got right or wrong. Only the final result.

that is a pity - thanks for letting me know.

No problem:) I would love to see a feature where you could see what you got wrong as well.

Unfortunately, you can't. They probably thought that you might get a hint as to what means what if you're shown whether you're correct or not.

Like, for example, I might write "Je ne cuisine pas du poisson" for "I am not eating fish." because I don't know what 'cuisine' means but I'm sure it's one or the other of 'eat' and 'cook'. If I'm told that I'm wrong, I'll know which it was. The object is to become fluent and test your fluency and not guesswork. But that is just something I thought might be...

I understand that, but they could give you the details at the end of the quiz. What you should have written and what you did write.

yes, that would be very helpful.

Ok, thanks for the input

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