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"The language of the Czech Republic is Czech."

Translation:La lingvo de Ĉeĥio estas la ĉeĥa.

June 28, 2015


[deactivated user]

    I guess the Czechs, being Slavs, prefer the -io form, and not Ĉeĥujo (Slavic language speakers will understand me). ;)


    Why does the language gets the "la" in front of it and not the country?


    It's short for "la cxehxa lingvo" which was covered in the Languages skill. You just don't use the "la" article at all in countries. I guess it would be like saying the France or the Russia which doesn't happen in English.


    It is the way the French do it, for whatever that's worth.


    In French, we put articles in front of most country names (la France, l'Allemagne, les États-Unis, la Russie, le Japon...) so it's not the same as in French


    Czechia is the preferred nomenclature these days


    I've not come across a word with 'hx' in it before this, and it didn't read out the phrase for me. What is the pronunciation difference between 'h' and 'hx'?


    "Ĥ" is a voiceless velar fricative...the sound doesn't come from the vocal cords (voiceless), but from air moving though a narrow channel (fricative) formed by the back of the tongue against the soft palate (velar).

    Yeah, that's not all that helpful; try listening to some sound clips.

    http://forvo.com/search/%C4%88e%C4%A5io/ http://forvo.com/search/mona%C4%A5o/ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Voiceless_velar_fricative

    It is rather uncommon, as you might guess from the fact that they are using a country for it. And it's becoming more uncommon, with people changing words to use "k" instead, such as arkitekto for arĥitekto.


    oh, thanks! Giving me the sound features was helpful, I have an audio of the IPA so that settled it :) and yeah, I suppose in comparison to plosives, fricatives are harder. Mostly because we're not used to it in English.


    You can find this sound in Spanish words like jitomate jorba javier jarra axolote...


    Thanks for the sound clip but it sounds more like an f (at least on my system)


    Thanks, that explains why it's not even on my Esperanto keyboard layout, (Android 8.1.0).


    For some reason, this answer is not recognizing the x-method of typing cx and hx here...


    "cxehxio" in the dictionary hints should be capitalized to help beginners remember what should be capitalized and what should not.


    The reason why 'de la' is not used in Esperanto? 'lingvo de la Ĉeĥio' sounded reasonable


    The reason why 'de la' is not used in Esperanto? 'lingvo de la Ĉeĥio' sounded reasonable

    The problem is not de la but rather la Ĉeĥio -- it's just Ĉeĥio'.


    We are missing a second "la" in the wordbank.

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