"She always cries when she hears this song."

Translation:Ĉiam ŝi ploras, kiam ŝi aŭdas tiun ĉi kanton.

June 28, 2015



why isn't #1 accepted?

June 28, 2015


In multiple-choice questions, the questions are drawn at random. So nobody knows what #1 was because next time #1 could be something else. Best to post the wording you are asking about.

June 29, 2015


As far as I can tell, the only difference between the 'correct' solution and one of the other solutions is that one says "ĉiam ŝi" and the other is "ŝi ĉiam". But Duolingo only accepts the first answer; why?

e: Oh, nevermind; there's an -n hiding at the end of the last word in one of the answers.

July 8, 2015


does cxiam always comes first?

June 28, 2015


No. I think ŝi ĉiam ploras is more common.

June 28, 2015
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