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the turkish word with the most meanings

the word with the most meanings in turkish is 'çık-mak'. According to TDK, the word 'çık-mak' has got 56 meanings. http://tdk.gov.tr/index.php?option=com_bts=bts

even my favorite turkish word 'tut-mak' has got 48 meanings :D

some of the meanings of 'çıkmak' :

-to get out

-to graduate

-to move out

-to go up

-to cost

-to reduce, subtract

-to suffice

-to land

-to add a storey

-to object, oppose

-to smear

-to spread

-to become reality

-to emerge

-to come onto the market

-to occur

-to come true

-to sever

-to flirt

-to rise

June 28, 2015



Well... Most of them are used with other nouns to get those meanings. For example, to get the meaning of "to move out," you have to always use it with "evden" (from the house). The same is true for "adding a storey." You actually have to say "storey" to get that meaning. It's a bit like "get" in English. Get up, get in, get away with, ...

And I'm having a hard time using "çıkmak" to mean "to graduate" and "to cost". Can someone make a sentence with çıkmak, wherein it has these two meanings? ;p


To graduate = Galatasaray Lisesi'nden çıktım. Sounds a little bit weird , but I did hear people use it.

However,I couldn't come up with any examples for "to cost" , either. TDK gives this example , which doesn't make any sense to me but maybe it is used in different parts of Turkey (?)

  1. -e Mal olmak "Bu ev dört milyara çıktı."


Why did you cheat on me?


Ah a word with a lot of meanings. Well I just gotta use it in a lot of situations and hear native speakers use it to get used to it myself.


I can't imagine a situation where it means "to land"...

there is also:

-to spend

-to go out with (instead of flirting, this one is the better translation)

-appear to be

-leaving (a group)


it might mean 'to arrive at land (shore)'. 'to land' is mostly used like to land from air but it can also mean to land from a body of water. am i wrong?

“1919 senesi Mayısının on dokuzuncu günü Samsun'a çıktım.” -Atatürk

Çık-mak can mean both 'to go out with' and 'to flirt'. By the way you can check the meanings from TDK's Büyük Türkçe Sözlük.


Oh I just didn't know "landing" was used for ships too in english, my bad. Also the meaning "flirting" may just be regional, as I've never heard of it being used as flirting instead of going out.

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