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  5. "Hvilket eple vil du velge?"

"Hvilket eple vil du velge?"

Translation:Which apple do you want to choose?

June 28, 2015



''Which apple do you want?'' or ''Which apple do you choose?'' is ok, but ''Which apple do you want to choose?'' is a bit too much.


I agree, too. I started to answer "Which apple do you choose" but didn't because I knew it was not likely to be correct. However using both "want" and "choose" is a bit much.


I agree. Even realizing the direct translation, I answered "Which apple do you choose" (wrong, of course), simply because I thought it would be the most natural way to say it in English while (mostly) retaining the original meaning.


I translated which apple would you like. Is that correct in context?


Yes. I would rather say that in English. I don't really imagine a situation where I would use the Norwegian sentence when it concerns apples. A dress maybe, but apples I would rather say: 'Hvilket eple vil du ha?' or 'Hvilket eple velger du?'. 'Hvilket eple vil du velge?' means to me something that will happen in the future, not when you are standing with a friend next to some apples in a kitchen.


How can we know the difference if vil means "want to" or "will" ?


In real life situations it's almost always apparent from the context, so it's not as much of an issue as it might seem like.

We also have other ways of expressing both future and desire in Norwegian, so natives will often default to those if they feel like the sentence would otherwise be too ambiguous - thus circumventing the whole issue. You'll learn to do the same as you progress. :)


Not the unnaturally red one, Snøhvit...

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