level 12

I have leveled up and see no way to access level 12. It is not offering me work to do

June 28, 2015


According to my screen you are level 12. The highest level is 25. Have you finished the tree? After that there is no more skills you can do other than the bonus ones. That is of course until they expand the tree.

So how do I do the next level? How do I get to 13? I do not know what the tree is?

You get to the next level by doing new lessons or practicing skills you have already done. The tree is what people on Duolingo call all the skills combined. When you do each skill and go down the skills, think of it as descending down a tree. Or maybe climbing up it:) If you have more questions don't be afraid to ask:)

Thank you. If I have done it all, everything including level 12, shouldn't it let me get to the next level? I have come this far and level 13 info is not being offered. No other work is available to me.

Yes, you will be able to get to the next level through strengthening and practicing your skills. Even if you finish everything you can still get to level 25. Go into your profile and on the side it should show how close you are to the next level.

I have to repeat work that I have done to get to 13? All other levels just popped up.

You get xp for completing lessons and skills. Xp adds up to add to your levels. If you have finished the tree, then well, congratulations but you have no more to go over there. But you should try out translating real articles in Immersion.

ok, thank you. I was looking for more tree

Your level does not directly reflect how much of the tree you have done, but instead how many xp points you have earned. You earn xp not only by doing lessons the first time, but also by reviewing them and by working on immersion.

I suggest a combination of immersion and reviewing skills you have already done. When you have earned enough additional points, you will go up to level 13 and, eventually, to other levels (with the highest possible level being 25).

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