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  5. "They put water on the fire."

"They put water on the fire."

Translation:Chuir siad uisce ar an tine.

June 28, 2015



No eclipsis on "tine"?


No — it begins with one of D, S, and T.


You're referring to the "deNtals-dots" rule, since N is the preceding letter? I always forget that.


No; I’d thought that “DeNTaLS-DoTS” referred to when lenition would not be applied to an indefinite genitive noun following a plural noun ending with a slender consonant, e.g. cupáin bhainne (“cups of milk”) but cupáin tae (“cups of tea”).

What I’d had in mind is that in the Caighdeán, several prepositions followed by an and a noun neither lenite nor eclipse the noun if the noun begins with either D, S, or T — ag an doras, faoin talamh, leis an solas, etc. But as galaxyrocker pointed out, a noun beginning with D or T would be eclipsed in Munster Irish (and in Connacht Irish, a feminine noun beginning with S would get T-prothesis).


It would eclipse in Munster, however.

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