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Streak Freeze didn't save my streak

Yesterday I had a 29 day streak, but no chance to do a lesson. So I paid 10 lingots for a streak freeze. Today, I see that my streak has been reset to 0. So I lost my lingots and my streak.

It still shows "streak freeze" as "equipped" in the lingot store.

I'm confused: How is this supposed to work? And is there a way to get my streak back?

June 28, 2015



If you did not do any lessons yesterday then you probably lost your streak before buying the streak freeze (they have to be purchased before you lose the streak). Also the streak freeze being enabled means you have not lost it, or the money so it will sit in the background until you need it again.


Thanks for the quick reply, Psionpete. I'm glad to know that the streak freeze doesn't disappear until you need it.

I was positive that I checked my streak and made sure it was there moments before purchasing the freeze. Is it possible that you need the freeze at least a certain number of hours before missing a day? Or maybe the streak expired within the couple of minutes between checking and purchasing.

Oh well. It'll only take me a month to get back to that level--it's not like I lost a streak as long as yours!


Woops, didn't realize I was logged in as my friend when I answered!

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