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Today is NOT the day you will start learning other languages.

Just to clarify - Incubator starts today only with the possibility of adding new languages to translate to English, German, French etc., and not from them to new languages.

So that means you will now have the option of adding your language (or for example, mine - Croatian) and make lessons to teach Croatian people to speak Italian. Not the other way around.

The Incubator should fully start by the end of the year when there will finally be a possibility of learning other languages beside the ones already on the site.

Please read the official notice once more: http://www.duolingo.com/comment/868354

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October 9, 2013



The title is misleading, I can learn a new language whenever I want. lol


Don't mess with language learners. They will take your sentences apart.


True :D This is very unmotivating title.


Harsh, tellement harsh :)


I'm wondering how efficient it would be as an English speaker to learn through another course (say, as in your example, taking a Croatian to English course to learn Croatian).


I was wondering that too, and I'm also wondering why it's only being done one way for now, I know there's probably a good reason but I just don't get it.


Probably because they already have trees set up for the current languages. If people just translate the current tree into a new language it would be a functional tree. To learn a language not on Duolingo the order of lessons has to be created completely.


There are a couple of differences worth pointing out:

  • The sound will be in english not in croatian, which removes a significant portion of the lesson's objective.

  • The dictionary hints will not help you with conjugations and cases of the croatian words, they are going to be focused in the english words cases and conjugations.

This is based on my comparison from the French to English and the English to French Courses. There is also a comment from one of the duo developers that finished the Spanish to English tree, and the experience was summed up as "a hard spanish course".


I'm counting on you to try it. :)


Woo! I'm probably going to be trying Polish first.

[deactivated user]

    When will you add English to Croatian? I want to learn Croatian :)


    If you need help just ask :)


    I wouldn't recommend it and it wouldn't be efficient. But English to creation will probably be released by the end of the year. That's how I understood the information.


    This is what I'll do too.

    [deactivated user]

      Thank you for the clarification. I had thought that new languages would be added today. I checked out the incubator, and you're right. For now you can only apply to add new languages so that learning the ones DL already has can be possible for more people. I'm still excited to see the options added, and see the DL community grow bigger :)


      We all should first focus on developing language courses from your native language to English for example. That will set the seeds in the ground for future courses from English to that language. :)


      I've been waiting to learn Norwegian and Swedish. Anyone know when I'll be able to?


      According to the plan, courses from english to other languages (i mean other than the existing five sp. ge. it. fr. po.) will be permitted in the incubator sometime towards the end of the year. It will take a minimum of a month or two for the course to be developed... so my guess is not before January, but it really depends on the number and motivation of the volunteers.


      I know this will come off rude, but I just want to say that it will have to come out before January since they stated by the end of the year so the latest it could come out is in December if they are keeping to what they have been saying.

      I would say that December is when to expect things to be opened up to English/existing 5 - different language. It might even open up in late November but then it'll still have to take the weeks if not months of work to get the courses going fully.

      I wish everyone luck though!


      I do not mean to sound rude, but exactly how is what you say different from what I wrote? The only difference I can see is that you hope for a starting date sometime in november, but given that we are in october now, if there was such a plan, the announcement would say "in a month" not "towards the end of the year".

      [deactivated user]

        Swedish has been added, but for Swedish - default DL languages. I guess you could try that out and start picking up some Swedish while you wait for the English-Swedish tree to be built. Keep checking the incubator for Norwegian. It could be any second that some user adds it.


        Probably by the end of the year after the incubation process. We must first develop Swedish to English.


        cough cough Serbian


        Eu não faço inglês, tô perdidinho! >:CCCCCC Ah, ninguém vai me entender mesmo! Que coisa! I don't understand you all, I don't understand você também, né?

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