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Esperanto near Philadelphia

Hello, Are there any Esperanto clubs near the Philadelphia, PA area? A few years back, I purchased the domain name "ësperantophiladelphia.org." However, it is just a template page in place. I am looking for someone to help with the site. My study of Esperanto has been off and on, but now I am really focusing on this language.

Mark T.

June 28, 2015



You might have already found that, in that case, sorry :/



As of July 8th, 2015, they have only had one meeting back in October of 2014, according to the site. Maybe they get together unofficially?

I looked a little deeper and it seems as though they moved their club sometime in November of 2014 to Facebook in order to bypass the $15 a month that Meetup.com charges.


Hi - I just stumbled upon this thread. What's the latest? I ask because I've been corresponding with a student from the Philly area to arrange transportation to the Fall Esperanto Gathering next month (are-esperanto.org). I mentioned this to a friend who asked why the student doesn't ride with the other folks from Philly who come to ARE. Well... I don't believe there are any other folks from Philly who come... so I started wondering why.

Of course, the 5 hour drive might have something to do with it - but I drive 4 and 1/2 - and others come from further west than I do. Certainly there are enough individual enthusiasts in that area. Based on this post, I am starting to wonder whether it's because there just isn't any organized activity there.

This student is interested in ARE in order to finally have the experience of speaking Esperanto face-to-face before moving out of the northeast. I'd love to have more folks from Philly come - and I'd love to see the folks in Philly getting together more often with each other.

My wife and I participated in an Esperanto weekend in Philly ... just over 14 years ago, I believe.


There is a facebook group called Esperanto Philadelphia and it is having a meeting at the Whole Foods in Plymouth Meeting on the 22nd of July



Sorry for posting in such an old thread, but I live about 45 minutes from Philadelphia, and I'm looking to meet up with an Esperanto group. I'm thinking of meeting with the one in Plymouth Meeting. I'm not sure if they still meet though. I looked at their Facebook page and haven't seen any activity for over a year.


Do you use telegram? I've forwarded your inquiry to their telegram group. Hopefully someone will respond here.


Telegram? As in Morse code? :p

I've never heard of "Telegram" that you're referring to. I'll look into it though, thanks!

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