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BUG: strengthen skills stopped working, please fix (1 word per strengthen skills session)

Basically, only 3 or 4 sentences repeating 1 word get thrown into the "strengthen skills" sessions. For example, in three sessions on my italian tree I got:

  1. "Il cuoco cucina il pasto", "io mangio un pasto", and "il pasto"
  2. "io ho i tuoi guanti", "i guanti sono i tuoi" and "io ho i miei guanti"
  3. "non ho tasche", "le tasche" and "la tasca"

The sessions repeat the three-four sentences over and over again until "17" unless I make a typo out of boredom :P


This seems to be a bug in the experimental edition of duolingo, the "guinea pig user group" which still isn't fixed. Since you can't choose if you're in this group, I'm a bit annoyed after almost two weeks of this.

Basically, only one word gets thrown into repetition sessions as if there's nothing to repeat while skills go "cold" because not enough words are being processed in the daily 2-3 sessions that I do.

I have sent a petition to duolingo on the 29th, but so far no response. If you share this issue please feel free to write petitions of your own and let's hope somebody sees it <3

UPDATE 8th of July

Full session of "complimenti alla mamma", still broken

June 28, 2015



Duo Spanish level 21 here; the above is the single-most motivation-limiting problem in Duolingo. Strengthen skills in general, or in a specific lesson, repeats the same few words/phrases over and over again instead of covering a comprehensive list of words/phrases. Now, being able to use the application for free is a wonderful thing, but the review section or Duolingo borders on being insulting to one's intelligence. As a former System Analyst / System Programmer (33 years), recommend code changes to improve the review code, e.g., setting a bit to indicate a word/phrase has been used in a review and, once set, a test for the bit which says "ON means don't repeat".


Heh :) duolingo has always been a bit repetitive, but what's happening on the italian tree at the moment is ridiculous, since two weeks ago the review lessons cover 3-4 sentences and a single word over and over again, it's not just demotivational, it kills the feature, there's no way to keep the medals goldeny and it's just mind numbing to try


I work a lot with SQL. I know it's not a SQL database but it just seems trivially easy.

1 Create a query to get the 5 or so words that need practice the most

2 Compile a list of say 15 question sentences to learn these words incorporating as many other difficult words as possible in these sentences

3 Group these sentences not purely random but avoiding the same sentence 2 in a row and using the optimal spaced repetition

4 Make the type of questions asked increasingly difficult e.g. typing the translation to the foreign language is most difficult and should be near the end while multiple choice to your own language is most easy and should be near the beginning of the lesson

5 During practice, do not keep repeating questions when mistakes are made, simply mark the words or sentences as still wrong and needing repetition ASAP, this to avoid being unable to plan the duration of a lesson (I only have 5 minutes now, not 10 for when I make mistakes)

DL, do you want to hire a system designer / analyst / programmer? :-)


I think this might be a fault with the algorithm. Duolingo thinks that these are the only four sentences you need strengthening in.


Hm, there were definitely more sentences to be strengthened:

  1. the colors section needed repeating "manually"
  2. nearly but not all of the sentences were from the "present 1" section which I finished last week so I would expect them to need repeating in the next week or so

so I think the algorithm is aware of what words need strengthening it's just that it only throws 1 into each repeating session, and then asks for 17 correct answers -_-


Funny, I get lots of sentences in my strenghening sessions. It's the "regular" lessons that I don't get many in.


Sounds very familiar.

I've also had practice sessions with 3 or 4 sentences repeating with words I know well when words I didn't know are not practiced.

Hope they fix it some time soon.

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