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  5. "She is not working overtime."

"She is not working overtime."

Translation:Hun jobber ikke overtid.

June 28, 2015


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When should I use "jobber" and when should I use "arbeider"?


You don't have to worry about that, because they're pretty much always interchangeable. In Oslo where I am from we mostly use "jobber" for everyday speech, but "arbeider" is all right too. You can think about "arbeid" as "labour". If you'd say "heavy labour", it would be "tungt arbeid".


Ei* overtid? "hun arbeider ei overtid" lit. "she works an overtime." Why is the article included here?


In addition to being an indefinite article, "ei" moonlights as a negation, and it's the latter function it's filling in that sentence.

Beware that using "ikke" is vastly more common, with the exception of a few fixed expressions.


and what are the fixed expressions?


"Den gang ei" and "tro det eller ei" come to mind.

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