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  5. "That is a beautiful village."

"That is a beautiful village."

Translation:Tio estas bela vilaĝo.

June 28, 2015



Would you, under any circumstances, use "tiu" in this sentence?


Yes, for example if you're pointing to a specific village among other villages. It would translate as "that one".


Dankon, so at least I am starting to actually grasp this whole tio/tiu thing. :)


Is there a difference between vilaĝo and urbeto?

  • vilaĝo is a village, like when someone lives in the country
  • urbeto is a small town (with a town council residing in a town hall)

All in all, one's perception of cities, towns and villages largely depends on their other languages so it's not critical if you get it "wrong" in a conversation.

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