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"Byrået er arbeidsplassen deres."

Translation:The agency is their workplace.

June 28, 2015



I accidentally put office (thanks, German...) and it was accepted. Should it be?


Same and i don't understand the translation to be honest.. It's supposed to be "office" in any case because an agency is a very different thing. So I guess in norwegian there's no difference between "agency" and "office"..


For the purposes of this sentence, what is the difference between a company and an agency? Are they interchangable?


I don't know if there is a difference in Norwegian, but in English I think there is I just do not know what. Maybe agency is a government run program, while company belongs to corporations?


Could it also be "They work at the agency" or is that too broad an interpretation?


It would be "De jobber i byrået", in that case. This sentence is referring to the fact that the agency is their workplace, not that they are doing work there.

However, you would normally only use "Byrået er arbeidsplassen deres" for something formal. In everyday speech you'd usually just say "De jobber i byrået", unless you want to sound more professional.

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