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On completing French skill, home page labelled as Dutch but displays French stats

After playing exclusively in Dutch (from English) for two weeks, yesterday I added Frenc (from English) as a new language. As I studied French in grade and high school, I have been blasting through the early French skills as a refresher. Every time (I think) that I have completed a French skill I am returned to my French home page, except all the labels say Dutch. For instance, there is a Words tab available, and a Dutch Fluency section in the upper right, which are not yet available for Dutch yet.

June 28, 2015

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I'm also unable to edit the post above to correct a couple of typos. As soon as I click on the (greyed-out) body of the post it completely clears. I assume this will self-correct in a few minutes or hours, but is an annoyance. I will check back in a bit and let you know approximately how long it takes to self correct.

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