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  5. "Kampen fortsætter i morgen."

"Kampen fortsætter i morgen."

Translation:The match will continue tomorrow.

June 28, 2015



Kampen also means the battle. That was my answer, but it was wrong.


This course teaches "slag" as battle, but "kamp" could also work. In the future for things like this, just report it rather than commenting.


Kamp is also battle. Battle is also slag, but slag is more like the battle betweet nort and south or something epic like that. "Slag" can also mean a "strike/slap". Like striking/slapping someone in the face. "Et slag" is the result of "at slå".


Is this question bugged? I typed "Kampen fortsætter i morgen" and got it wrong because the correct solution was "Kampen fortsætter i morgen" ??

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