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  5. "Barna liker maten."

"Barna liker maten."

Translation:The children like the food.

June 28, 2015



I just cant hear the difference between barna and barnet. Is it any easier speakung to a person?/ Am i pronoincing them wrong because i hear a bigger difference when I say them?


Im not sure, having the same struggle myself, but i mostly use the correct word by context


I'm confused, why does øya mean the (singular) island, but barna means the (plural) children?

[deactivated user]

    Why isn't it "the children like food"? Can't that be a choice? #HelpMeDuoStaff


    Because 'maten' is the definitive Form. mat = food maten = the food Your sentence would be 'Barna liker mat'


    I noticed the usage of the "a" ending for definite plural forms in other words as well, like dyra, can anyone please elaborate on when this is possible and if there's a rule for that?


    Yeah i was thinking the same, like 'gutta' (the boys) but 'jenta' is singular so idk if theres a rule or you'll just have to learn how it works with every different word ??


    The child like The food is not correct? Just "The children". Can someone explane me why?


    Barna (def.plural)-The children (2 or more little beings) Barnet (def. singular)- The child (1 being) In this sentence, 2 or more children like ..something


    (Send to soon but did not see how zo corrwct the post) I didn't catch yet, when to use "barna" and when it is "barnene"


    I have done some research and it seems like they are the same. So, you can choose wich one to use.

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