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SpongeBob in Italian?

Does anyone know where I can find episodes of SpongeBob Square Pants in Italian? Preferably with subtitles? Thanks in advance!

June 28, 2015



I watch The Simpsons in Italian on youtube but there are no subtitles. I think something like "spongebob italiano episodi completi" might give you episodes, most likely without subtitles, if nothing it'll give you little clips of SpongeBob in Italian which is always something


The Simpson in Italian...that sounds interesting. Thanks for an idea, if you wish you may post a link here.


I googled and found this on streaming, no idea about subs though: http://www.ludicer.it/streaming-cartoni-animati/spongebob/

This website has a lot of subs in other languages though http://www.tvsubtitles.net/


That site gives you the list of EPISODES, but I tried clicking on one and all it did was open the page again. I tried disabling my adblock too, but that didn't work either.

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