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"Ma voiture n'est pas aussi neuve que celle de mes amies."

Translation:My car is not as new as my friends' one.

December 28, 2012



Should be "My car is not as new as my friends' " since it belongs to plural friends!


Yes, there is a mistake here.


Sitesurf, once i saw a post of you refering to 'neuve' as meaning 'never used'. So, does this sentence make sense? How can something be 'not as unused', i just think nouvelle would suit better. Thank you


Fair and smart question: when you buy a car it is "toute neuve" (brand new = un-used).

After a while, it becomes "pratiquement neuve", "encore neuve", "presque neuve" (no scratch, still shining, looking brand new... whichever the numbers on the meter).

So comparisons are made possible: "presque aussi neuve", "pas aussi neuve"... what counts is the date of purchase + the overall look at the time of comparison.

That's how men deal with their (second) object of pride...

Does that help?


Absolutely! haha Thank you very much.


"[...]de mes amis" should also be accepted since the pronunciation doesn't make any difference with "de mes amies".


why is it neuve and not nuvelle


Helpful link; thanks.


My friends' ONE? Very poor translation. Maybe my friends' car, but not my friends' "one".


In my mind it should be "my car isn't as new as the one my friends have". This is much less awkward sounding.


Agree, there is a mistake.


Ma voiture n'est pas aussi neuve que celle de mes amies. I said "My car isn't as new as my friends' cars are." It had a problem with the plural, but I have a problem with the semantics; many friends really share one car?


In French, a plural subject can have a singular object and it means "one each" or "2 or more share the object". It would not be irrelevant that 2 friends can share a car though.

Note that in English, with "my friends' cars" you don't know either whether each of your friends has one car or several.


Maybe you have friends who are a married couple and they own one car.

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