"Kia estis via promeno?"

Translation:What was your walk like?

June 28, 2015



Why is kia "how" in this sentence?

June 28, 2015


This gave me trouble, but it makes sense. When you think of how "how" is used in this sentence, it's not asking "by what means," but "how would you describe the walk?"

June 28, 2015


The same could be said of the "how" in "how are you doing", but we use "kiel" there. Confusing.

June 11, 2016


"Kia" is used more in the sense of "what kind, what type, what sort, etc." Whereas "Kiel" is more of a "How, in what way/manner, etc." Hope that helps.

April 10, 2017


Kia is "what .. like" - So this is "What was your walk like?" In english we would probably say "How was your walk?"

July 25, 2017


I tried "What kind of walk did you have?" and failed. Not reported - but should it have been accepted?

Edit nine months later: It is accepted now.

August 3, 2017


This precise item is for determining the capacity to reproduce what you hear.

January 2, 2019
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