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How do I disable my daily goal, completely?

So I at one point point enabled the daily goal interface for learning Danish, but after trying it I decided I am not interested in it. I would much rather see the interface that existed before it, showing the amount of XP I need to level up.

But I see no way to disable it. All I could do was change the quantity from 50 XP per day, to as low as 1 XP per day. But I'm still constantly notified about my "daily goal," which I do not want. How do I get back to how it was before?

June 28, 2015



Setting it to 1 XP and turning off your notifications is about as much as you can do. If it helps, I believe that the daily goal is now on every account, regardless of whether you enabled it in the first place.

There are userscripts and skins that help specialize Duolingo. Maybe one of them could help? For example, this might still work, no guarantees.


Ah, I see that it appears on all my languages. My issue is less with the daily goal itself, but with how it obscures other thing. For interesting, every language that I'm learning besides Danish has a "fluency percentage." My impression was that the daily goal blocks that feature, along with the "remaining XP" interface after completing a lesson or practice session.


Isn't Danish still pretty new? Maybe it doesn't have a fluency % because they haven't gotten to Danish yet. (I don't really know how the fluency is calculated; something about strength and amount of the tree.)

Does the "remaining XP" show the XP left on your daily goal? Mine's been set to 1 XP for months, so I haven't seen that window in a long time. When I did see it, it told me the XP had remaining before I reached my daily goal.


If you want the XPs needed to level up, check your profile page. The information should be available on the right side of the page.

Fluency is available only in selected languages for now (languages with the Words tab).

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