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How to use DuoLingo?

I just came here today after hearing about DuoLingo on NPR the other day - created an account. But now I'm not sure what to do next. I see to be sort of stumbling around - get practice on things. But I have not been able to find any sort of "how to" as far as the way to use this site and what I ought to be doing here! Help!

October 9, 2013



I look at your tree and see you are progressing with Spanish just fine. You are doing right: select the units and lessons that are available and do the tasks. Read the grammar introductions if they are present and check the discussions in every unit you learn. If you are unsure about something, post your questions for specific sentences or units. Refresh your learned skills by doing practice sessions from time to time.

After you learn some Spanish, you may want to try Immersion (see the link in the top bar). This is translating articles from Spanish into English. Some people start translating as soon as they can (there are usually simple sentences you can manage), the others prefer to finish most of the skill tree before they feel confident enough to translate. This is up to you.


I too am new to French Duo, cute as he is, yet I attempt the advanced placement test and the system freezes every time I answer a question. I cannot get anywhere. Aidez-moi!!!


I agree with scall0way. There seems to be nowhere on the site to go for an explanation of the relationship between the levels, points, lessons or the tree. If I flunk a lesson I am informed I can buy hearts with lingots but no instructions on how to do that or why bother. I just learned by chance that you can 'finish' the course by getting x number of points but never finishing the tree. When I go to immersion there is no explanation of how to go about entering a translation. This site has so much potential, but who is paying for all this and what are they getting for it? Since it is free I guess you should just press on y no miras un caballo gratis en el boca. Todavia, hay mucho no comprendo.


I agree. I cannot find description of how to use the "tree". Nothing seems to change even though I have been doing lessons for several weeks now. I cannot tell what I have done, what there is to do which icon I should click, how many times I should do one section. I am really lost as to how to use either the website or my phone app.

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