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  5. "जूते सही नहीं बैठ रहे हैं।"

"जूते सही नहीं बैठ रहे हैं।"

अनुवाद:The shoes do not fit.

June 29, 2015

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Shoes do not fit right


'Shoes do not fit right' is not that natural in english. In English we would rather say 'Shoes do not fit properly.'


I might be wrong, but I'd say 'The shoes do not fit right.' is most natural in English.


It means the same and it is natural. (How funny is that how much perception of one's own words changes when you learn some more foreign languages.Those were sounding different a while now sounds fine.) I was saying 'Shoes do not fit right' is not same as 'Shoes do not fit'. However added I added an italicized that . My English is changed so much that people around me take a little time to read what I had written. Also, I had developed a habit of omitting words while typing. (Very Embarrassing indeed).


The shoes doesnt fit

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