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"These are not the robots you are looking for."

Translation:Dette er ikke robotene du leter etter.

June 29, 2015



May the Force be with all Duolingo Padawans!


My answer to this was "Disse er ikke robotene dere leter etter," which was marked correct. I was under the impression that "dette" or "denne" was for "this" and "disse" was for "these". Are there situations when "dette" or "denne" can also mean "these"?


I would say "this" here refers to "what is in front of you". "What you see here is not the robots you are looking for".
Or as has been said below, "dette" can be used to introduce something new. Also correct: "Det er en mann" ("it", even though mann is male). The concept also exists in English, you could say "it's a man". Norwegian just uses this more liberally.


I'm just guessing, but I think if it's used in a predicative expression, 'dette' can mean 'these'.


I was also asking myself the same question. What do you mean with a predicative expression however? Can you give me an example? Takk på forhand.


An example would be phrases using 'am/is/are'. But I might have been wrong, it seems appropriate to think of 'dette' as a word to introduce new information.


I can't understand why one would use 'dette' if there is already a word which means 'these'...disse. But then again, 'for', 'så' and 'det' can replace 'hva' so what can I say?

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