"Ĝis tiam."

Translation:Until then.

June 29, 2015

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One often hears Esperantists saying 'Ĝis la revido,' or, often, 'ĝis la' when they part.


"Until the dream-child" :)


reseeing. You have a future in Esperanto humor.


I rather like puns, and Esperanto's building-block word construction system lends itself to it - many words can be interpreted as either one stem or as stem+affix (aĉet'i - aĉ'et'i, koleg'o - kol'eg'o, putin'o - put'in'o, salut'o'n - sal'ut'o'n "the one who would be salted"), or you could have stem+affix in two different ways as here (re'vid'o - rev'id'o).


-ut is an affix? I know that "utao" is a Japanese poetic form (Uta) a variation of "tankao" (Tanka) but I've never seen -ut as a suffix, or a prefix. Now -ul….

BTW: I like puns too, and I do my best to make them accurate. but I'm still too unsure of various aspects of the language to be too quick to wave them around. There is, however, a (now late) German-Esperantist humorist named Schultz whom I think you would enjoy greatly.

There is also a tendency to call the language "Edz'per'ant'o" due to the number of marriages which occur through the language.


-ut is not official; -ut- and -unt- are hypothetical expansions of the participles to parallel -at/it/ot- and -ant/int/ont-. "-ut" is to "-us" as "-it" is to "-is".

Haha, yes, "Esperanto, edzperanto". Tion mi jam aŭdis.


"Till then" © Fezko

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