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  5. "Noi beviamo caffè."

"Noi beviamo caffè."

Translation:We drink coffee.

December 28, 2012



Is there a better way to remember which way the accent mark goes? like either é or è? Is there a verbal difference between them?


Why does caffè not need an article?


It means coffee in general, not a specific coffee


I think it should have the definite article.


no clue man. I am tripping out on what does and does not


Just thinking out loud here, but I wonder if it's the difference between saying "I drink a coffee" meaning a specific cup of coffee and saying "I drink coffee" in the general sense just stating that I drink coffee, not necessarily that I'm doing it now.

Am I totally off here?


The article can be used or not used here. It can be used in a situation when you are ordering, as in to say I will have a coffee, or just general conversation. You must remember that the formula to speak other languages is quite often different then ours. We would not commonly say "I want a coffee" in Italian, which is "io voglio un caffe". You would simply tell them what you drink. It almost seems rude if we take it to literal....but it is not at all.


where are the lessons


Ciao a tutti! I have a question about the accent mark in caffè and hope that someone will be able to help me out. My memory could be wrong but I am almost sure that I have seen coffee written as both caffè and caffé in Italian. Also, depending on the author of a textbook, I have seen the word why written as perchè and perché. Are these regional variations or perhaps a recent spelling reform? Are both considered to be correct?

Also I am aware that in some languages a difference in the accent mark is to show a difference in pronunciation. Whereas other languages add a accent mark only to show a difference between two words.

Thank you for any insight.


I said it exactly like it said three times why ;__;


Does the accent on the e in Caffè matter? They told me to pay attention to the accent marks , does anyone know why?


The accent marks adds more pronounciation on the words, but since in english we dont have it its super hard for us haha


No io lo fatta uguale a qule che mi hanno dato sbagliata identica alla correzione

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