"Noi beviamo caffè."

Translation:We drink coffee.

December 28, 2012

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Is there a better way to remember which way the accent mark goes? like either é or è? Is there a verbal difference between them?


How do you type accents?


If you are on a phone or tablet then holding down a letter gives options for accents.


but what if yoour using a computer or laptop?


Why does caffè not need an article?


It means coffee in general, not a specific coffee


I think it should have the definite article.


no clue man. I am tripping out on what does and does not


Just thinking out loud here, but I wonder if it's the difference between saying "I drink a coffee" meaning a specific cup of coffee and saying "I drink coffee" in the general sense just stating that I drink coffee, not necessarily that I'm doing it now.

Am I totally off here?


The article can be used or not used here. It can be used in a situation when you are ordering, as in to say I will have a coffee, or just general conversation. You must remember that the formula to speak other languages is quite often different then ours. We would not commonly say "I want a coffee" in Italian, which is "io voglio un caffe". You would simply tell them what you drink. It almost seems rude if we take it to literal....but it is not at all.


Ciao a tutti! I have a question about the accent mark in caffè and hope that someone will be able to help me out. My memory could be wrong but I am almost sure that I have seen coffee written as both caffè and caffé in Italian. Also, depending on the author of a textbook, I have seen the word why written as perchè and perché. Are these regional variations or perhaps a recent spelling reform? Are both considered to be correct?

Also I am aware that in some languages a difference in the accent mark is to show a difference in pronunciation. Whereas other languages add a accent mark only to show a difference between two words.

Thank you for any insight.


I said it exactly like it said three times why ;__;


where are the lessons


Having discovered the difference in accents: All Italian accents slope downhill to the right for every letter EXCEPT e è gives caffè and is an open sound ( the country Chile should be pronounced almost "Chillair" which is the same sound ) é ( sloping down to the left ) in Perché (Why/because) is more like the word "may" ( per-kay )


No io lo fatta uguale a qule che mi hanno dato sbagliata identica alla correzione


What the heck, Duo? I was just told to pay attention to the accents and now you've got them back on caffè.

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