"You see a long train."

Translation:Du ser et langt tog.

June 29, 2015

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Wait, why would the hover translation tell me that "You see" can be translated as "Jo"? I've never even seen that word come up in the lessons and it definitely wasn't an accepted answer


It doesn't mean it as a literal translation, but rather an interjection. You see, sometimes you use phrases like that as linking words or fillers. "Jo" doesn't really have an English equivalent, but it could be translated as a linking phrase like "well, you see..."

If it's a verb, stick to "du/I ser"


Ok, I think I get what you're saying about that. And I definately plan on just sticking with the safer translations in the future. I just had to try "Jo" this time to see what it was about.


Uden kærlighed hvor ville du være nu nah nah nah

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