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  5. "How are they doing that?"

"How are they doing that?"

Translation:Comment font-ils cela ?

December 28, 2012



Why is "Comment font-elles ça" not correct?


It sure looks correct to me. The question is broken unless I'm mistaken.


why font and not faisant? I wrote; comment ils faisant ca ? I was told it was wrong and the correct answer was; Comment ils font ca ?


Faisant: Present participle (as extracted from http://french.about.com/od/grammar/a/presentparticiple.htm )

"1.The French present participle can never be used to talk about what someone is doing. The construction "je suis mangeant" (the literal translation of "I am eating") simply does not exist in French - you must use the present tense: je mange. To emphasize the ongoing nature of an activity, you can use the French expression être en train de: je suis en train de manger - "I'm eating (right now)."

Thus the present tense should be used: Comment font-elles ça?

For future reference consult online guides and websites, when uncertain about a question.

I hope that is useful. Kind regards.


I think I understand. Thanks for answering.


I don't understand why "Comment font-elles ca" isn't correct either. What if "they" are female?


"Comment font-elles ça" is correct; but "Comment font-il ça" is not correct because "il" is "he", not "they". Sneaky question! ;)


Why is it wrong to say: Est-ce que comment ils font ça?


Why not "comment ils sont le faire?"

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