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Words don´t seem to refresh?

i tried to play the flash cards on the words page, i tried clicking the specific word (Vogel, german for bird) i tried the flashcards in the apropriate skill (animals) and got served the word and still it appears as if i didn´t see it for a few days... and it´s not the only word that is acting like that...

if there´s any fix please let me know! or at least i thought i should throw it out there...

June 29, 2015



I know some words have these problems - and I don't think you can fix it yourself, Duolingo needs to fix it on their servers.

By the way, there's a difference between the accent mark ´ and the apostrophe '. For shortening things in English, you need to use the apostrophe. Otherwise you will look like a person who doesn't know the difference between an accent mark and an apostrophe. And that puts it very mildly.


yeah i was putting it up here to see if duolingo can address this problem, not that it´s such a big thing... as for the apostrophe... it's a matter of paying attention to which language i'm writing at the moment... my keyboard is hebrew and english and i use it also for spanish and catalan so when it's set to spanish it puts an accent instead... i'm just lazy to switch it out most of the time (and i'm trolling you with that first one too, hehe) thanks for pointing it out though... i guess over here i should pay more attention to such things!

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