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  5. "Hva gjør hun på fritiden?"

"Hva gjør hun fritiden?"

Translation:What does she do in her spare time?

June 29, 2015



Why wouldn't sin be at the end of this if it is talking about her free time. "Hva gjor hun pa fritiden sin?"


It might be natural not to use the possessive pronoun in Norwegian but in English it is far more natural to use the possessive pronoun. This type of thing happens a lot in different languages (for example, German "Sie wäscht sich die Hände" or French "Elle se lave les mains" vs English "She washes her hands").


I think it's mostly because europeans consider these types of things already in possessivr, you can't wash someone else's hands (well technicaly you can, but..) or having someone else's head hurting you. Even though in french we'll use the possessive with spare time, probably because it's kinda recent ( I guess peoples before the 20th century didn't think about having free time, while they already knew the words hand and head since a goddam long time...)


So it is in Portuguese: Ela faz o quê nas horas vagas/ Quê que ela faz nas horas vagas?


You could say that as well, but it isn't necessary to use "sin" here.


Could you also say "Hva gjør hun OM fritiden?"? I'm still a little confused about when to use på rather than om. :)


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So in norwegian we use just one "do", like, "What does she do in her spare time" in norwegian, i'd just use one "gjør" ? "Hva |gjør| hun på fritiden" I'm so confused help me please..


Yes, you've got it right. :)

English uses "to do" as an auxiliary verb when forming questions, while Norwegian just inverts the word order and calls it a day.


English did the same thing until the 1600s. Before that, inversion was the norm: Like you her? Went she? and What saw you? are examples. English still uses inversion for modals and for 'be' when it's the sole verb). You can speak Norwegian --> Can you speak Norwegian? We will rock you --.Will we rock you? The wolf is thirsty --> Is the wolf thirsty? (You should give it a glass of milk.).


Thanks a lot Richard, I only came here to ask this! Would it be correct English to say: What does she in her spare time? :)


Not really. Maybe a long time ago it would have worked, but now you'd need to say "what does she do (or some other verb, eg read, cook, enjoy, watch etc)..."


Might this also be a suitable translation ?: 'What is she doing on free time?'


That doesn't quite as natural in English to me


No, it has to be 'in her free/spare time'.


The normal-speed version of this sentence is wrong, and needs to be re-recorded


Please review my answer. What's she do in her spare time is the same as, what does she do in her spare time. Why wasn't it accepted?


Actually I am not a native english speaker, but I think that the s´ you put after the wordwhat´ in your answer implies Present Continuous Tense in English, so you should add -ing´ afterdo´ and make it becomes `What´s she doing in her spare time?´


"What's she do..." is a contraction of "What does she do..."

"What's she doing..." is a contraction of "What is she doing..."

The second version is far more common.


Thanks for the explanation!


"What's she do..." is a very unusual way of writing it. I don't think it's actually wrong but I don't understand why you would put it like that. It strikes me as being wilfully obtuse.


It´s pretty common in American colloquial English.

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