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the use of pronouns

I am confused about this e.g. Me gusta la casa Te gusta el cuarto

Why is it 'la' in the first sentence, but 'el' in the second, why does it not be 'la casa' and 'lo cuarto', or 'ella casa' and 'el cuarto'?

Thanks! :)

3 years ago



Watch out. It looks like you're confusing the use of Pronouns and Definite Articles.

Me gusta la casa

Instead of using "Yo gusta" with the verb gustar, we use pronouns. So instead of Me gusta, te gusta, nosotros gusta, etc: we use Me gusta, te gusta, nos gusta, etc. The same is true with your second sentence.

The reason we use "el" and "la" in your sentences is because, in your example, they are functioning as DEFINITE ARTICLES, (ex. the word "the")

**Te gusta la casa

Pulling it all together.

Spanish uses the same words for "the" as for the third person masculine and feminine pronouns. By looking at how the word is used, you can tell if it reads as "the", or a pronoun.

Did that clear it up for you? happy learning!

3 years ago


This is really useful thanks :)

3 years ago


This site will go into more detail about what the pronouns are and how to use them.

3 years ago