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  5. "Do you have computers?"

"Do you have computers?"

Translation:У вас є компьютери?

June 29, 2015



For most of this level the spelling компьютери is used but on the multiple choice it's комп'ютери. I thought apostrophes and soft signs serves slightly different purposes, but are they interchangeable before ю?


No, компьютери is wrong, never use it, please. There even can never be ь after п


Oh, okay, thanks! But there might be a typo/mistake in the course, then, because the translation supplied here uses компьютери, компьютери is listed under the vocabulary for this lesson, and компьютери is used on most of the questions I've seen here (Ukrainian to English translation). I've only actually seem комп'ютери on one version of this specific question!

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