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"Jeg elsker henne for hun er moren min."

Translation:I love her for she is my mother.

June 29, 2015



I'm no native English speaker, but is this sentence right? Sounds strange in my ears. I translated it with "I love her for being my mother", but the program didn't accept.


I tried the same. The given translations sounds wrong for me as well.


It's a bit more natural if you translate it as "I love her because she is my mother", which is also accepted. "For" is valid though as it also means "because", though that meaning is a bit antiquated (think "Forgive me Lord, for I have sinned"..)


How long since your last duo lingo confession?


When do you use 'fordi' and 'for'?


Here is a link to the difference between for and fordi, if someone needs it: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/10191089


As an American learner, I was surprised to find Mothers Day to be celebrated on the second Sunday in February in Norway as well as many other European countries; it's an interesting difference.

So a little early for American standards but pretty late for Norwegian standards, I'd like to say: Gratulerer Med Morsdagen! (Hope that's correct)


Wasn't it said somewhere else that we had to use "er glad i" instead of "elsker" for family, friends and not romantic relationships? I've seen this a few times now and it's a bit confusing, and I'm starting to think the difference between the two aren't really that big, are they?


I think I should say that the word "elske" has different annotations in norwegian, compared to english. I have never said that I love my mother, I would rather say "jeg er glad i deg"


Shouldn't "mora mi" be correct as well?


Yes, and it is.


I think it did't accept it when I typed it. I'll check next time it comes up. Takk!


Could be you had another typo, or that there was a glitch in the program. Either way "mora mi" is definitely correct. :)


Hey guys, isn't it better to learn us the feminine ''mora'' than the ''moren'' for a person like mother ?


teach us. :0)
Mora mi and moren min are equally acceptable.


Do Norwegians use fordi or for more often?

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