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Is there a bug with the Ukrainian skill strengths?

I've been working through the Ukrainian course for about a week, and not once have I had to review anything - the skill levels have all stayed gold, even if I haven't practised them for a day. This seems unusual because I've had multiple levels to review in all of my other languages, and I've even had to review tested-out or completed skills, with no mistakes, the very next day.

Admittedly I don't really know how the calculations are made for refreshing skills, and I have been practising existing Ukrainian skills more than other languages (because I find the vocabulary harder to learn), but I still think it's odd all my skill levels have stayed at the same "gold" strength.

Does anyone else have this problem of non-deteriorating Ukrainian skills? Or, is it just a sign that I'm practising a lot? :P


June 29, 2015



It is the same for me. I've completed most of my skills by choosing to "test out" though.


That is odd, I still have to review skills I've tested out of in other languages. It's probably just a problem with the course because it's still in beta, but it is a little annoying. I guess I just have to review skills out of my own initiative!


My skills have finally weakened now — seven at once, actually :)


That's interesting, because there've been another post in discussion forum about skills decaying way too fast :\


I'm with that. The skills decay faster than I can strengthen them.

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