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Hei! Does anybody knows some Norwegian TV shows?? Subbed in English if possible.. I've already watched "I Kveld Med Ylvis" but not entirely, only the first season is available.. :/ And watching the same thing over and over isn't a good idea I guess ^^ So if you have any recommendations, I would be glad to hear them :) Ha en god dag !

June 29, 2015


I have seen people talk about a show called 'Lilyhammer'. (I hope I spelt that right!) I have a discussion about Norwegian media here. There might be something useful to you there.

I too have been watching IKMY (and many other Ylvis related videos). Like the other commenter said, Lillyhammer is pretty good. I actually just started it last night and I love it so far. It's in both English and Norwegian so you get a really good balance of both languages (with subs when they speak Norwegian). Unfortunately, I don't know of many other Norwegian shows in specific. At least not for the adult audiences. I did download an app a little while ago called NRK Super. It's basically just a bunch of Norwegian kids shows and you can watch them for free - whether you're in Norway or not. The app itself is in Norwegian but it's pretty simple to figure out. None of the shows are subbed and I have not seen many myself, but I'd say it's a good thing to have for practice if you need to work on listening skills. Kids shows are usually easier to understand at first since they seem to talk a bit slower and use simpler vocabulary. :) Lykke til!

If you watch NRK TV you can turn on Norwegian subtitles. They have some programmes that are viewable outside Norway, but here's a method to watch ALL their programmes:

Perhaps you could watch your favourite English TV shows or movies dubbed in Norwegian.

You can sign up and watch show Norwegian shows (along with Swedish, Danish, Icelandic and Finnish) with English subs.

Thank you for that link! Do you know if it possible to watch Norwegian shows with Norwegian subs as well?

I checked out the website but it said only businesses and 'professional buyers of tv content' can sign up? And it asked for my company and job title etc and said my application will go for approval to see whether I am eligible to have access or not? Am I just missing something or so they give approve everyone?

Hellfjord. Strongly recommend you!

Besides the Chrome addon described in shjw_1895's link, I use in Firefox to watch NRK. They supply subtitles for the vast majority of their shows - not in English of course but you may be pleasantly surprised by how well you do with Norwegian subtitles, and they always have several shows available spoken in English, like from the BBC, that you can watch with Norwegian subs.

Personally I've been trying to get into the habit of watching Norge Rundt each week (a bit of dialect practise!), and I'm also following along

Most I do is find things on You tube, like this:

Jet ser på "Oslo girls" på VGTV, men jeg synes at disse jentene snakker nynorsk fordi det er veldig vanskelig å forstå dem.

Lilyhammer is really good.

At the moment I'm watching Hellfjord, watched the first 2 episodes and it's absolutely hilarious, really recommend that one. Another good serie is Dag.

And these are still on my to watch list:

Norwegian Cozy


Kodenavn Hunter




and I just added I Kveld Med Ylvis xD

But that's about it when it comes to subbed series, I looked for them subbed in Dutch though so unfortunately can't tell you if they exist subbed in English and/or how easy it is to get them.

You can also watch Norwegian movies and dubbed Disney movies, these are a bit easier to get.

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