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  5. "I need a new car."

"I need a new car."

Translation:Jeg behøver en ny bil.

June 29, 2015



What's the difference between behøver and trenger?


They're interchangeable whenever you're expressing a need for something.

'Å trenge' can also mean to 'push' or 'press' (often forward, through, or into something). Think along the lines of 'pushing through a crowd' rather than 'pushing buttons'.


Somebody explained that "trenger" is used when somebody is in dire need of something (eg. "all living things need air"), and "behøver" when somebody needs something, but can live without that ("I need a new car").

I don't know however whether it is accurate or not.


I think that idea has come about for two reasons. Firstly, "å behøve" is considered the more formal of the two, and when dire needs are at play formality tends to go out the window. Secondly, it's a syllable longer; if you need something urgently you want to express that as succinctly as possible.

So yes, there's a tendency toward such a division, but no, there's no rule about it or anything in the dictionary to support it.


Interesting, i never knew that.

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