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  5. "Taket blåser av huset!"

"Taket blåser av huset!"

Translation:The roof is blowing off the house!

June 29, 2015



Confused about verb - å blåse. It is translated here as - to blow. However feels like it is used more to describe the action of 'being blown' than blowing (ex. blowing the candles on the bday cake). Is that correct?


Blåser is used both ways (active and passive voice) with few exceptions. One example (of an exception) is regarding enlarging a photograph, e.g., En 16 mm film kan blåses opp til 35 mm.


Can somebody explain me this sentence?


Not sure if you mean the meaning or the words themselves.

The meaning is that the roof of the house is separating from the house because of strong winds.


Just a tip, because this is such a massively common error amongst learners of English, but "explain" can't take an indirect object in that manner. It's like "say" or "fix". We just say "Can somebody explain this sentence?" If it's really necessary to specify the target of the explanation, you can add something like "for me" to the end.


I actually learnt "taket" before doing this, because the phrase "I saw a cow on the roof" (jeg så ei ku på taket) is the sentence that this Danish boy and Swedish girl try to say in each other's languages in this amusing video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K8U6FixTtOw They should add Norwegian.


Is it wrong that this immediately made me go away and try to translate a certain Coal Chamber song into Norwegian? :D


Maybe it is my english, I would translate "the roof is blown off the house"

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