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Using Ukrainian in real life :)

Hi everyone! So excited to share my experience using the bit of Ukrainian I learned on Duolingo.

Recently I visited old family friends who have an adopted daughter from Ukraine. I already know her, so it wasn't as if I could reasonably say "nice to meet you" or anything, but one thing I did learn how to say was "your sister is married," which actually was applicable since her older sister had indeed just gotten married. Now I just needed to work up the courage to open my mouth...

It took me about half the evening, but there was finally a moment when we were by ourselves and it was quiet, so I finally just did it. "Вас сестра заміжня?" I said, and she kind of tipped her head to the side in confusion and asked, "What?" So I repeated myself a little more slowly and this time, her face lit up. I couldn't possibly describe her expression any other way, but it was priceless. "Yes," she said. Then: "How did you...how did you know how to say that?" So I told her I'd been learning a bit of Ukrainian, and she kept repeating, "That's really good. That's cool." I mentioned a few other phrases and words I know, and she had this huge smile on his face and so did I. It was incredible, guys. It was such a simple little thing, but it made my evening and hers, too. This is why I take the time to learn a bit of even the "obscure" languages--as long as I know one person whose face will light up because of a sentence or two I speak in their native language, it's worth it.

Thank you so much to everyone who's been patient with my Ukrainian questions over the past month! I don't know how much more I'll keep learning, as I rarely see/contact this friend, but who knows. :)

June 29, 2015



That's so nice! :)

The only thing, though: it should be "ваша сестра" ;)


Actually in this context when you know the person I'd say "твоя" :)


Haha, thank you! I was wondering if it was grammatically correct...


it's always great to see the joy in someones face when you are speaking even if poorly in their mother tongue. My Ukrainian friends always smile a giggle when ever I try to speak Ukrainian


That surely must bring the joy. Although, I have the unpleasant experience when the struggling with a foreign language doesn't find any support from the native speakers. I think Ukrainians are very welcoming guys =)


That's fantastic!


That is awesome man!

[deactivated user]

    Awh. I don't know you personally, but that is so cute :)


    Thanks for the story, it is a great motivation for everyone I think. :)

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