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  5. "En elg er et dyr."

"En elg er et dyr."

Translation:A moose is an animal.

June 29, 2015



That is correct, sir. A moose is an animal.


Can you use "elg" for both moose and elk interchangeably? Or is there a better word for one or the other?


Simply put, yes, as they are the same animal. Elk and elg come from Proto-Germanic, moose is Algonquin.


This is a common point of confusion. Moose and elk are not the same animal, though the American English word for Elk was taken from old Norse 'elg'. Some fussy people consider this Am English term erroneous, and use Wapiti (a native term for Elk) instead.

Note the different genera:

American moose: alces americanus Old world moose: alces alces

American elk/Wapiti: cervus canadensis Red deer: cervus elaphus

Elg and similar words in related languages originally and primarily describe moose. IIRC, Norway does not have a wild population of elk. Google Translates elk - > elg, but elg -> moose. Wapiti -> wapiti works both ways, but may not be common in either language. If there are any native speakers with specific knowledge on how this is handled in Norway, I'd love to hear your take.

Good luck out there!


Im curious about this too..


punishing me here for lowercase "a" at the beginning here, come on! :)

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